General Properties of Yarn

Various types of yarn properties according to the yarn classification have been summarised in the following table:

Yarn Types and Their Properties
Yarn Types
General Yarn Properties
Staple yarns
– Combed cotton
– Carded cotton
– Synthetic and blends
– Worsted
– Woollen
  • Good hand, cover, comfort and textured appearance.
  • Average strength and uniformity.

Continuous filament yarns
– Natural
– Man-made or synthetic
  • High strength, uniformity and possibility for very fine yarns.
  • Fair hand and poor covering power.
Novelty Yarns
– Fancy
– Metallic
  • Decorative features and characteristics.

Industrial Yarns
– Tyre cord
– Rubber or elastic core
– Multiply coated
  • Functional; designed and produced to satisfy a specific set of requirements.

High-bulk Yarns
– Staple
– Continuous filament (Taslan)
  • Great covering power with less weight, high loftiness or fullness.

Stretch Yarns
– Twist-heat set-untwist
– Crimp heat-set
– Stress under tension
– Knit-deknit
– Gear crimp
  • High stretchability and cling without high pressure, good handle and covering power.

Spun yarn can be classified as either short-staple spinning or long-staple spinning. Staple fibre has a length of between 10 and 500 mm. Short staple fibre has a maximum length of 60 mm (cotton fibre is a short-staple at about 25–45 mm). Long-staple fibre has a length of more than 60 mm (wool fibre is a long-staple at about 60–150 mm).

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