Style & Fashion | Factors influencing fashion

Though fashion and style walk in parallel but are two different things and have a different meaning. Many of us often get confused using the term fashion or style. 

Style: It is the individual’s attitudes, choice, views, features or way of leading life and way of thinking. For example, one may prefer to wear a hat with red glass. It is his/her personal choice and it is the style.  

Fashion: When any particular style has been accepted by the mass people for a certain period of time, it is termed as fashion or fashion trend or trends. Without popularity or acceptance, the individual’s choice is merely a personal style. For example, if majority of the people began to wear hat with red glass for a certain time period, a hat with red glass would be the fashion trend. 
Style & Fashion | Factors influencing fashion

Product Portfolio:
The compilation of all the products offered by a company is termed as the product portfolio of that company. A company like a knit composite company consists of a spinning unit, knitting unit, dyeing unit and garment unit. All of these units are focused on one goal-the betterment of the company. Hence, the product portfolio of XYZ knit composite company may be, Yarn, Knitted fabrics, Dyed fabrics and various types of readymade garment items like t-shirt, polo shirt, tank-top, trouser, pull-over, kids item, girls item, ladies item, sleepwear, swimming wear, sportswear, etc. The product portfolio of a company should be such that each and every product in the portfolio is focused towards one goal – Bringing the company on top by optimally using the resources available.

What are the factors accelerating of fashion?
  • Communications and mass media,
  • Good economic conditions,
  • Increased competition,
  • Technological advances,
  • Social and physical mobility,
  • More leisure time,
  • Higher levels of education,
  • Changing roles of women,
  • Seasonal changes.

What are the factors retarding of fashion?
  • Bad economic conditions (consumers have less money to spend)
  • Cultural customs (passing down traditional clothing; not buying new)
  • Religion (fashion may lead to corruption and temptation)
  • Laws/government regulations (tariffs, quotas)
  • Disruptive world events (droughts, wars, terrorism).

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