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Lab Dip & Yarn Dip

Vendors get colour standards for all the colours mentioned in the purchase order (PO). Getting colour standards from customers’ end may be in two forms as (1) physical colour swatch or (2) phantom number. Next, merchandisers have to make the colours developed by the dyeing unit and send it to the customer for shade approval to proceed on the subsequent processes. The colour development can be either in yarn form or in fabric form. 
Yarn form/Yarn dip: If yarn dyeing is required for the order, not fabric solid dyeing, in that case, colours should be developed in yarn form and it is called yarn dip. Yarn dip with more than 3 options is sent to the customer for approval. 
Fabric form/Lab dip: IF the order requires fabric solid dyeing, then colours should be developed in fabric form and it is termed as Lab dip. Likewise, the yarn dip, more than 3 options are sent to the customer for shade approval. Next, with the approved shade recipe, bulk dyeing will be accomplished. 

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