Core Spun Yarn | Eye-catching applications in Textile Industry

Most of the fabric type is applicable to create a major lot of apparel. Among those fabric types, core spun yarn (CSY) is one of them. These yarns are a fabric type that requires to get made by wrapping a staple polyester around a non-filament polyester fiber during the spinning process. In the apparel industry, … Read more

Siro Yarn | The principle of Siro spinning

Siro Yarn is manufactured by a method called Siro Spinning or Eli twist spinning. In this, the yarn is made into 2 plies on the ring spinning machine. Siro spun can be seen as a pseudo-two-fold yarn in which the two components are untwisted strands rather than twisted singles yarns. The CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and … Read more

Study on Core Spun Yarn Manufacturing Process

    Core spun yarn or compound yarn is one of the remarkable special yarns. One of the techniques to manufacture core spun yarn is the spinning process, where you might get better results. Although the core spinning of the center is complex, the usual ring spinning process tends to be effortless and low-cost. However, … Read more

Bale Management Mastery : Techniques for Diverse Spinning Styles

What is Bale management? Bale management refers to the testing, sorting & mixing bales according to properties of fibre for producing specific good quality yarn at minimum cost. In the context of the textile and spinning industry, bale management refers to the process of handling and organizing the raw cotton fibers that have been compressed … Read more