Couture fall 2021 runway collection review: Depth study on colour trend

Fall 2021 couture collections are more about dramatic shapes in wearable colours. Collections were very heavy with wearable colours like black, white, metallic and red. Mostly silver and gold for the metallic. Lots of black. A lot of collections featured cool tone analogous colour schemes (Colours that are next to each other in a colour wheel). Several collections revolved around a green blue … Read more

Outfit: Finding Exciting Looks Again and Again

How to find an exciting outfit again and again when you have too many clothes but those are not enough? We all start our days the same way. “What should I wear today is a common question for all of us?” We take into consideration practical aspects like work, weather but also personal ones like … Read more

Style & Fashion | Factors influencing fashion

Though fashion and style walk in parallel but are two different things and have a different meaning. Many of us often get confused using the term fashion or style.  Style: It is the individual’s attitudes, choice, views, features or way of leading life and way of thinking. For example, one may prefer to wear a … Read more