Carbon Nanotubes for Textile Applications

Carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes have emerged as a revolutionary material with a wide range of applications, and the world of textiles is no exception to their transformative potential. These remarkable nanoscale cylinders, composed of rolled-up sheets of carbon atoms, are renowned for their extraordinary electrical conductivity, mechanical strength, and flexibility. When harnessed for textile applications, they introduce … Read more

Sonali Bag | The inception of a new era for green packaging

Sonali Bag is the best replacement and recognized as the inception of new era of green packaging. Every year, we use a staggering 5 trillion plastic bags! 160,000 times per second! And over 700 per individual per year. A single plastic bag might take up to 1,000 years to decompose whereas plastic shopping bags are … Read more

Textile Journals Unveiled: Stay Informed and Inspired

List of Textile Journals Textile Journals | List of Textile Journals covering Textile Science, Textile technology, Textile Engineering, Textile Engineering Management, Fashion and Textiles. A comprehensive list of textile journals serves as an invaluable resource for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the textile industry. These textile journals cover a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from … Read more

Research Journals | Journals for Textile Engineering students

Introduction Students usually learn how to do research and publish the research findings in the national and international research journals during undergraduate level. They must accomplish research project works especially while they are in the final semester. In addition, many students are involved in different research teams led by senior researchers. One of the main … Read more

Responsive Car Seats: Is It Too Good to Be True? | Common Car Seat Problems

What is responsive car seat? The car seat which changes its shape with Human Body Contour and Gesture control can be termed as “responsive car seat” or “smart car seat”. Car seat is one of the inevitable elements of the car interior. There are so many factors responsible for car comfort. Seat and seat back … Read more