A Fifth of European Textile Waste Could Become New Garments: The Roadmap to Circular Economy of Fashion

Roadmap to Circular Economy of Fashion

Textile waste is a significant environmental issue in Europe. The region consumes a large amount of textiles each year, and a considerable portion of these textiles end up as waste. Today, more than 15 kilograms of textile waste is generated per person in Europe. At least one-fifth of Europe’s textile waste could be reworked into …

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List of top Fashion buyers in Bangladesh

Fashion buyers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading exporters of ready-made garments in the world, with a huge and diverse fashion industry. The country has more than 5000 apparel industries that produce various types of knit, woven, and sweater garments. These products are exported to different countries, especially in Europe, North America, and Asia. The fashion buyers …

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Backward Linkages | RMG Sector in Bangladesh

Backward Linkages of Bangladeshi Textile and apparel industry: The export revenue of RMG sector in Bangladesh is $8421.52 million in 2022. But unfortunately, 60-70% of the total earnings is spent on buying raw materials. This study finds the challenges & limitations of backward linkage of RMG sector. In Bangladesh, cotton, yarn, fabric, dyes & chemicals, …

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Backward Linkages 2.0: Elevating the RMG Sector’s Prosperity

Questionnaire on Backward linkage industries of RMG sector Backward linkages mean the necessary industries for a forward linkage industry. Spinning, knitting, dyeing, etc. are the backward linkages of RMG sector. Backward linkages are the processes by which one company or industry uses inputs produced by another company or industry. Bangladesh is only capable of knitting …

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Purchase and Disposal Behavior of the Dhaka City Residents

Study on the Clothing Purchase and Disposal Behavior of the Dhaka City Residents and Its Impact on Environment Md. Mobinur Rahman, Md. Tarequl Islam Ansary, A.S.M.Nasim Akhter Riman, and Md. Salman Habib Sarker Department of Textile Engineering Management (Batch-43), Bangladesh University of Textiles, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh   Abstract Purchase and disposal behavior of …

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Unlocking the Secrets of Computerized Machine Embroidery: Core Principles Revealed

Computerized machine embroidery | Machine embroidery is performed using special automated machines that operate according to the software which is installed. The art of embellishing and the look of fabric through the use of needlework is old in the fashion industry. It is used in various types and colors of yarn or thread to create …

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