List of famous All over printing factories in Bangladesh

All over printing factories in Bangladesh: Dyeing and printing is a part and parcel of the Textile and apparel industry. Dyeing particularly fabric dyeing is performed in continuous phase, while printing is termed as delocalized coloration following a certain outline or design. Though both dyeing and printing are the coloration methods, however, dyeing is continuous phase coloration whereas printing is discontinuous phase coloration. Both methods are used for the surface ornamentation of textiles for example fiber, yarn, fabric and/or garments.

The dying of textiles is related to the printing of textiles, but the difference between the two processes is that when textiles are dyed properly, the entire fabric is covered uniformly with one color, whereas when textiles are printed, one or more colors are applied to it in certain parts only, and in patterns that are very clearly defined.

All over printing

What is All over printing?

The difference between dyeing and printing is that in the case of dyeing both sides of fabric is similar while it is different for printing. The technique of imparting color to textiles in the form of specific patterns or designs is referred to as textile printing. In most cases, the color is bonded with the textiles in printed materials. This makes it possible to withstand washing and friction, which in turn ensures that the print will last for a longer period of time.
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How is All over printing done?

Before the All over printing process, the textile materials such as fabrics need to be prepared. The grey fabric just after the fabric manufacturing unit are not ready to be used for dyeing or printing process. These greys require some preparatory processes like pre-treatment of fabric, preparation of colours, preparation of printing paste, impression of paste on fabric using printing methods, drying of fabric, fixing the printing with steam or hot air (for pigments), after process treatments, for printing.

Fabric preparations for All over printing

For knit fabric:

Grey fabric loading
Enzyme washing (if necessary)
Ready for dyeing/printing

For woven fabric:

Grey fabric loading
Ready for dyeing/printing

Methods of printing?

There are a wide variety of printing methods. Some of the mostly used methods are provided as below:
  • Hand block printing
  • Perrotine printing
  • Engraved copperplate printing
  • Roller, cylinder, or machine printing
  • Stencil printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital textile printing
  • Flexo textile printing
  • Discharge Printing

List of AOP factories in Bangladesh?

At present, printing industry is blooming in the whole world due to the fast fashion. Accordingly, Bangladesh being a leading RMG manufacturing country is contributing a lot to the textile and apparel business sector. Day by day, the number of printing factories in Bangladesh are increasing. Right now, almost one hundred plus factories are doing printing among those almost 100 factories are all over printing factories.
    1. Unifill Composite Dyeing Mills Ltd.
    2. SIM Group.
    3. Thermax Group Ltd.
    4. HH Textile Mills Ltd.
    5. Sanjana Fabrics Ltd.
    6. Beximco Textile Division.
    7. Rahim Textile Mills Ltd.
    8. Divine Group.
    9. Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills.
    10. Tania Textiles Ltd.
    11. Knit Concern Group.
    12. Unicon Group.
    13. Pakiza Knit Composite Ltd.
    14. DBL Group.
    15. GMS Composite Knitting Industries Ltd.
    16. NR Group.
    17. Robintex Group.
    18. Chaity Group.
    19. APS Group.
    20. Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.
    1. South China Bleaching & Dyeing Factory Ltd.
    2. Mithela Textile Industries Ltd.
    3. M. M. Knitwear Ltd.
    4. Monno Fabrics Ltd.
    5. Rim Dyeing Ltd.
    6. F.K.N Textile Ltd.
    7. Apex Holdings Ltd.
    8. Four H Group.
    9. Utah Group.
    10. Dird Composite Textiles Ltd.
    11. Aswad Composite Mils Ltd. (Palmal Group)
    12. M. N. Dyeing, Printing & Washing Mills Ltd. (Mosharaf Group)
    13. KDS Group.
    14. Opex & Sinha Textile Group.
    15. Impress-Newtex Composite Ltd.
    16. Tru Fabric Limited ,
    17. Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd.
    18. Chorka Textile Ltd.
    19. Jamuna Group.
    20. Satter Textile Mills Ltd.
    21. M.S. Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Ltd.
    22. Amanat Shah Fabrics Ltd.
    23. ACS Textiles (Bangladesh) Limited.
    24. Crossline Knit fabrics ltd.
    25. A-One Polar Ltd.(Micro Fibre Group)
    26. Sawfttex Ltd.
    27. Pride Group.
    28. NZ group.
  1. Intramex Textile Ltd.
  2. RK group.
  3. NZ group.
  4. Metro knitting and dyeing limited.
  5. Lithe group.
  6. AJI group.
  7. Mondal group.
  8. Phonex Textile Ltd.
  9. AllTex Group.
  10. Infinia Group,
  11. Silver Composite Textile Mills Ltd (Unit-3, Textile)
  12. Croni group.
  13. Azad rifat fibers.
  14. Imperil.
  15. Bornali fabric.
  16. Bomby fabric.
  17. S B style composite Ltd.
  18. Padma Bleaching & Dyeing Mills Ltd.
  19. Experience textile Ltd.
  20. Tithi Textile Mills Pvt Ltd.
  21. Antim Group.
  22. Consumer Textile mills ltd
  23. Squre Gr.
  24. Paramount Textile.
  25. Echotex Limited
  26. Emex Ltd.
  27. Nice Fabrics (Noman Group)
  28. Apex Weaving & Finishing Mills Ltd.
  29. Lantabur apparels ltd. (Lantabur group.)
  30. Binoda Knitwear (Bengal hurricane group)
  31. Blue Planet Knit Composite Ltd.
  32. Saad Textile Processing Ltd (Saad Group)
  33. Bangladesh Dyeing & Printing Ltd (Doel Group)
  34. JK Group
  35. Talha Tex Pro Ltd (Noman group)
  36. Unimex textile mills ltd.
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