Exhaust and Cold Pad Batch Dyeing process: A Comparison

winch dyeing machine

Introduction Exhaust dyeing is a popular method of dyeing in Bangladesh. Companies are increasingly concerned with sustainable issues, particularly economic and environmental concerns. They want to conduct business in a way that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing profits and product quality. Cold Pad Batch Dyeing is a type of dyeing technique that offers superior dyeing …

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Cold Pad Batch Dyeing Vs Exhaust Dyeing: An overview

Comparative Study of Exhaust Dyeing and Cold Pad Batch (CPB) Dyeing in terms of Time, Cost and Quality Alinur Hossain Rifat, Asim Kumar, Md. Irfan Ahmed, and Habibur Rahman Department of Textile Engineering Management (43rd Batch), Bangladesh University of Textiles Profit increasement of any organization depends on the cost efficiency & time management of the …

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