Customer, Consumer, Vendor

Customer: Customer or buyer is the party who places the garment orders through the PO mentioning the order detail like garment quantity, colour, sizes, trims & accessories, packing, shipment, and prices etc. to the manufacturer. Customer usually orders for those items which have market demand and they can assure it by conducting a survey in their target market. For example, GAP, LEVI’S, H&M are the garment customer.
Consumer: Consumer or ultimate end-users are those who purchase any item to consume themselves. That means customer purchases garments from the manufacturer not for their own consumptions rather for their consumers who will purchase the item from the customer’s outlet. For example, anyone who purchases for own use. 
Vendor: Vendor or manufacturer or garment supplier are the party who receive the orders from customer and execute it accordingly. For example, Bangladesh, India are the garment vendor for H&M.

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