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Garment washing

There was a time when only indigo dyed garment items were processed in washing as a finishing operation. The fashion is moving so fast and everyone is looking for fashion items. As the demand for fashion items increases day by day, various new processes have been discovered. Garment washing is one of them which is not confined only to the indigo-dyed items anymore. Garment washing is a fancy world of creativity. A variety of designs can be made in the washing section. Both the dyed and undyed garment items are processed to create a new look. In fact, the garment items are sent to the washing section after sewing is done and imparted various types of finishing effects by different types of washing and garment dyeing processes. Garment washing has gained a lot of attention due to the fact that it provides a variety of designs and creates fashion items that ensure comfort issues as well.

Garment washing-Texpedia

Types of Garment Washing

Garment washing section composes of two main sub-division like (1) Dry Processes and (2) Wet Processes. Each of these processes also consists of lots of operations and creates different design effects. The important operations at the dry and wet processing section have been listed below-

1. Dry process/Mechanical process

  • Whiskering
  • Hands scraping
  • Wrinkle
  • Broken and tagging
  • Grinding and destroying
  • PP spray and PP sponging etc.

2. Wet process/Chemical process

  • Normal wash/rinse wash
  • Pigment wash
  • Caustic wash
  • Enzyme wash
  • Stone wash
  • Stone enzyme wash
  • Tinting (Tie) & Over Dyeing (Dip Dyeing)
  • Super whitewash
  • Bleach wash
  • Acid wash
  • Silicon wash
  • Soft wash

Some machinery & equipment used in Washing Plant

⇛Sample washing
Side loading
washing machine,
Front loading
washing machine,
Hydro extractor
Steam dryer,
Gas dryer,
Chemical mixing
Industrial woven
Industrial woven
Laser draw,
Grinding machine,
Tagging machine,
Steam chamber for
Sand blasting gun,
Sand blasting
Spray gun,
Spray dummy,
Screw compressor,
Submersible pump.

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