Bangladesh RMG Industry

Bangladesh RMG Industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy by creating generous employment opportunities especially innumerable uneducated women of the country and reducing poverty through socio-economic development. Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest Readymade Garment (RMG) exporter, just behind China. Country’s 83% of exports come from the RMG sector, and the textile and Apparel sector contributes around 20% to Bangladesh’s GDP. Bangladesh plans to get the middle-income country status by 2021, and RMG sector is going to play a major role in it.

The historical background of the Bangladesh garment industry.

Now a day’s textile sector of Bangladesh retains its top position in the global market. This hasn’t been gained overnights. The apparel industry of Bangladesh started its journey in the 1980s and has come to the position it is in today. The late Nurool Quader Khan was the pioneer of the readymade garment industry in Bangladesh. He had a vision of how to transform the country. In 1978, he sent 130 trainees to South Korea where they learned how to produce readymade garments. Some renowned garments of that time are as below-

  • Desh Garments
  • Bond Garments
  • Reaz Garments 
  • Paris Garments 
  • Azim Group 
  • Sunman Group
  • Style craft Limited

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