Garments Making Flow chart । Garments’ Components

A garment making process consists of several essential processes. These operations are executed steps by steps to make the desired garment item like t-shirt, polo shirt, trouser etc. The process flow chart of making a garment has been outlined as below-
Garment Making Process Flow chart |
Garment Making Process Flow chart

The present time is called the fashion age. Everyone is conscious and choosy about fashion items. Accordingly, fashion manufacturers are earning huge money by doing business of fashion items. In clothing manufacturing, one has to know detail about the basic parts or components of a basic shirt. Men’s shirt is one of the popular fashion items. Before making a fashionable shirt with various designs, garment sample maker should have proper knowledge on the basic shirt. Below image demonstrates the different parts of a basic shirt…

Components of a Basic Shirt | Men's Shirt |
Components of a Basic shirt | Men’s shirt

Different parts of a basic trouser or pant have been demonstrated in the following trouser sketch. Before going to make any fashion trouser, we have to know about the basic construction of the trouser. Then we can design whatever, we want. So understanding the basic or fundamental construction is essential.


Components of a Basic Trouser |
Components of a Basic Trouser

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