Even feed of material to the card and Feed device.

Finally the blow room must ensure that raw material is evenly delivered to the cards. Previously, this was carried out by means of precisely weighed laps from the scutcher, but now automatic flock (Chute) feeding installations are increasingly being used.

Fibre feeding device in blow room

Different types of feed apparatus?
1) Feed with two cooperating clamping rollers:
+ ve: It gives better forwarding,
-ve: but greatest clamping distance between the roller and beater.

Different types of feed apparatus
Different types of feed apparatus: (1) Feed with two cooperating clamping rollers, (2) Feed with roller & table, and (3) Feed with roller and pedals   

2) Feed with roller & table:

(-) Clamping over the whole width is poor since the roller presses only on the highest of the web. So thin places on the web can be dragged out of the web. 

(+) Clamping distance can be made very small gives the intensive opening of fibre.

3) Feed with roller and pedals:

(+) The table against the roller divided into many sections and can be pressed individually on the web against the roller. 

(+) This gives secure clamping with a small clamping distance.


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