Graphene based nanomaterials | Production and applications

A Review on the Production Methods and Applications of Graphene-Based Materials

Graphene based nanomaterials in the form of fibres, fabrics, films, and composite materials are the most widely investigated research domains because of their remarkable physicochemical and thermomechanical properties. In this era of scientific advancement, graphene has built the foundation of a new horizon of possibilities and received tremendous research focus in several application areas such as aerospace, energy, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, wastewater management, and wearable technology. Although graphene has been found to provide exceptional results in every application field, a massive proportion of research is still underway to configure required parameters to ensure the best possible outcomes from graphene-based materials. Until now, several review articles have been published to summarise the excellence of graphene and its derivatives, which focused mainly on a single application area of graphene. However, no single review is found to comprehensively study most used fabrication processes of graphene-based materials including their diversified and potential application areas. To address this genuine gap and ensure wider support for the upcoming research and investigations of this excellent material, this review aims to provide a snapshot of most used fabrication methods of graphene-based materials in the form of pure and composite fibres, graphene-based composite materials conjugated with polymers, and fibres. This study also provides a clear perspective of large-scale production feasibility and application areas of graphene-based materials in all forms.

Graphene Based nanomaterials

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