Sample | Sampling | Types of garment sample

Sample: A few items or goods taken from a large number of similar goods are called sample. Or The true representative of the bulk or population is termed as a sample and the process of selecting a sample is called the sampling process. Sampling for textile testing can be in-
  • Fibre stage 
  • Yarn stage 
  • Fabric stage 
  • Garment stage 
Sampling: Garment Sampling is the most technical feature of the merchandiser’s job. This involves developing new products or taking some existing products to the new customer to meet customer demands. Merchandisers usually develop different samples and send to the customer for approval. 

Types of garment sample? 
Prototype samples: These are samples developed during the preliminary stages of product development. They are made by similar but not always exact fabrics & trims. But must be made as per buyer sketch, specification sheet. 

Sample | Sampling | Types of garment sample

Size-Set Samples: A sample of each size is required by the buyer after giving comments on “ Prototype Samples”. Size-Set samples are requested to check the accuracy of each size pattern. 

Fit sample: Fit sample is made and sent to conform the fit of the garment on live models or on the dummy and for approval of construction details. 

Salesman / Marketing /Showroom sample: These are the samples used by the buyer for the promotion or sale of their product. It is a special order from the buyer. These are required in exact fabrics, shades and accessories. More quantities are required in this case and payments are made by the customer. 

Pre-production sample (PP sample): Must be in actual fabrics, trims and accessories. Bulk fabric cannot be cut until these samples are approved by the buyer. 

Approved samples: Upon approval of the pre-production samples by the buyer, they will be sealed and tagged with comments if necessary. The approved pre-production samples is called approved samples. 

Production Samples: Representative samples taken from a production line on a random basis by the buyer’s representative is called the production sample. Production samples approved and accepted by the buyer may represent shipment samples. 

GPT sample (Garment Performance Test): The main purpose of GPT is to perform the physical and chemical testing on the garment to ensure the performance of the garment. The tests done on garments are Shrinkage, Color Fastness, Seam performance etc. Garments for GPT sample can be done along with Size Set sample. Normally, GPT Sample is sent to 3rd party inspection and results are sent to both factory as well as to the buyer. 

Photo Samples: These samples are photographed for making brochures, catalogues, etc for distribution to stores and for end-use. 

Counter Samples: Sometimes required approved samples in different departments but there are only one approved samples. So merchandiser can reproduce a number of samples against the available approved samples.

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