Industrial Attachment । Textile Jobs

Textile Engineering is one of the demanding subjects in Bangladesh. There is a huge employment opportunity in this field. Accordingly, the number of Textile Engineering students is increasing exponentially. There are so many Textile Education Institutes including universities, colleges, diploma & vocational institutes in the country with a view to meeting this increasing demand. Students have great opportunities for industry visiting and industrial attachment as part of the academic curriculum. Students usually visit the industry in every semester but industrial attachment while at the last year/semester (Level-4). The factories generally chosen/focused are Spinning factories, Knitting factories, Weaving factories, Dyeing factories and Garments & washing plants.

Industrial Attachment

Industrial Visits:

In every semester, students are being sent to different factories from the university/college authority. Students by these visits can have an opportunity to be introduced with the factories and different processes. Students can realise academic studies while seeing the process practically. By this way, they can actually materialize their knowledge and understanding from the classes. Consequently can understand the actuals and widen their field of knowledge. Another important advantage is updating themselves with the latest technology that is being used in the industry.

Industrial Attachment

Now the question is why these industrial visits or industrial attachment???

Industrial Attachment

In the industrial attachment, students are being attached to a specific factory for full-time for about 2 months.
  • What’s the purpose of this attachment?
  • While this attachment, what should the students do actually?
  • What impact may this attachment have in students’ future career?

Yes, this attachment is very crucial for the students’ future career. From the very beginning of the attachment, students are being given a 2 months plan program from the industry authority. Students can observe each and every section according to this plan.

But what do students observe actually? They generally roam the sections and try to understand the working process-procedures, or even someone focuses on machinery/different parts. Actually, it’s not 100% right. These should be done while in industry visits. While in industrial attachment, students should focus on ensuring the section where they are going to join a few months later. Students should check which section is suitable for them or which section they are suitable for. Without identifying this issue, students have the maximum possibilities of having job dissatisfaction that is really undesired at the beginning of the career. Because this dissatisfaction will definitely pull down the confidence level and hamper the career progression.

So students should focus on the position (where they are going to join soon) in every section along with seeing the practical issues (if necessary). They should focus the tasks of the section and more specifically the tasks of the executives in that section. They should assess themselves simultaneously based on these tasks. Students may have a list of all the sections and put a cross or tick symbol beside the section according to their assessment. By this way, they will truly understand which section is actually suitable and comfortable for them. They can join/try to join in this section which has been selected based on their likings, capabilities, comforts and importantly in this section they can put efforts spontaneously. And we all know that without the consent of our hearts, we cannot work or try spontaneously that means our efforts won’t be 100%.

We normally are used to choosing the career path seeing the seniors/ successful seniors. It’s completely wrong. Because everyone’s life philosophy is different.

Best of luck to all and wishing your desired but a true career. Hope this writing will be helpful to you.

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