How to be successful in textile engineering career

Textile Engineering Success | The textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh is the strongest part of the national economy. Almost 84% of the foreign currency comes from this sector, contributing to the GDP of the country which is about 20%. Bangladesh has already ensured its strong position in the world market in the export of readymade garments and has been doing business with great vigor. Bangladesh is currently the second largest exporter of readymade garments in the world, right after China. Considering the contribution of this sector, textile-based education also got tremendous priority in the country.
Key to success in textile engineering |

Technical Education in Bangladesh:

Normally technical education is getting preferences in Bangladesh. Moreover, Textile engineering is one of the most demanding subjects in the country. The no. of textile engineering university/colleges/vocational school both public and private is increasing so frequently. To know detail about the textile education in Bangladesh, please read this publication titled “Textile Higher Studies at Home & Abroad”. In this article, we will discuss about the key to textile engineering successes. 
Many a time, we believe that getting chance in a particular department eases our way to achieve the ultimate success in textile engineering job life. Let’s say about the department of wet process engineering and apparel engineering. Considering the current job trend, students from WPE may think themselves fortunate as we everyone know WPE as the first category department from the merit point of view. Accordingly, students from other departments may get morally down. Today we will uncover a truth that will definitely make you smile and confident as well. 

Textile engineering success vs course curriculum:

If you look at the course curriculum of Textile engineering regardless of the university/colleges in Bangladesh, You will find that all the departments have almost the same curriculum except some special courses in the final term/level. That means graduates from all the department know the essential fundamentals on textile engineering. This is the specialty of the textile education in Bangladesh considering the huge demand in the Textile and apparel industry every year.  
So, it is clear that there is really nothing to worry about the department. It does not matter whether you are from wet process engineering department or textile machine design department to be successful in career though each of these departments provides you a special focus on a certain field. It is enough if the students can acquire the necessary fundamental knowledge successfully.
Students who give emphasis on the self-development more precisely on the extra-curricular activities like sports, debate, cultural activities, research scientific activities, learning different languages, etc. can shine in life for sure regardless of their CGPA. Being extrovert that means expressing what you really know is the best and the most essential requirement for any kinds of work in anywhere at any time. 
It will be completely foolish if anyone focuses merely on the results/CGPA. Remember CGPA 4.0/4.0 can be both blessing and curse for you in future. If this CGPA 4.0 is by dint of bookish knowledge, it will certainly frustrate you just like a Boomerang. One may ask, how!!! Yes, you got CGPA-4.0 but only by reading the books/class lectures. You have no out-knowledge, no real-life experiences, no extracurricular experiences, you cannot share clearly what you have inside. Our ambitions grow simultaneously with our deeds. When you get very good CGPA, your ambition automatically getting high.
May be, you can get your expected job at the entry level. But reality happens after entering the job life. You got a good job for your result as sometimes result may play a role as like as the exam admit card. Some multinational company seek application from the candidates with higher CGPA. But after joining, you cannot perform well as expectation; you know a lot of theoretical things but you cannot show it smartly; you cannot take the risk and make the decision in the right time. 
Consequently, at the very beginning of your career you have to face a huge barrier (that is you yourselves) that blocks you to move on. You will lose the confidence so fast and get frustrated as compared to your other extrovert friends with good CGPA (not bookish). They know the theory and can express smartly. They can adjust themselves in any situation as they were involved in some extra-curricular activities. 
Sometimes, you may see the graduates with very poor results, are doing great in the job life. Why and how? This is because, soon after graduation they realized what happened already and then confess that they need to concentrate on the works whatever they face in the workstation; need to learn a lot to sustain in the job. This spirit actually makes them successful in life. They do not bother about their performance at the beginning rather they act like fall and stand-up technique.
So, if you want to succeed in life, you must have the knowledge and capability to share/show that knowledge. Only knowledge or only smartness will be of no use in your journey. University life is not for only ready books, not for only enjoyment, rather it is the best time to learn about the career life; how will be your career life; what things you should do in future; how will you do it; what should/shouldn’t be done; etc. If students are aware of what they are and why they are at the university, then success is just the matter of time. 
In a sum, being smart/extrovert with fundamental knowledge is the ultimate key to success in career. 
Judge yourselves which one is more important, department or self-development. Let us know in the comment section. 
Thank you. Best wishes to you all.

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