Methods of Garment Fusing


The fusing of interlinings in garment manufacturing is a very important process. Fusing is a process of introducing interlining materials/sheet in-between the parts of the garment. Fusible Interlining sheet is coated with thermoplastic polymer resin and it is used to ensure a fixed shape, good strength and stability of a garment.

Fusing press machine । Fusing process in garment industry-Texpedia

Types of fusing?

1. Reverse fusing: The reverse fusing is the fusing process where interlining fabric sheet is placed on fusing bed with the resin-coated side up. Garment parts are placed on the resin and attached by pressing at a certain temperature, pressure for a certain time.

2. Sandwich fusing: In this process, the interlining sheet is placed between the garment parts fabric and heat-pressed from both sides. It is just like a burger or sandwich form. 

3. Double fusing: In this process, two types of interlining are attached with the garment fabrics especially outer fabrics of the garments like shirt collars and men’s jacket fronts.

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