Purl Circular Knitting | Features

Emdadul Haq
Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh
Features of Purl Knitting ( Machine, Process and Structure): 
1. Machine has two beds. Machine may be flat or circular.
2. There is only one set of needles which change the bed in alternatively knitting cycle.
3. Needles are of a special type; generally double hooked latch needles are used.
4. Needles are shifted from one bed to another bed with the help of sliders. Two sliders are needed for each needle.
5. Same needle makes face loop in one bed a back loop in other bed.

Purl structure and necessary elements | Texpedia
Purl structure and necessary elements

6. Alternative courses are made of all face loops and all back loops. As a result each wale is made of face loop and back loop in an alternative order.
7. Fabric has horizontal corrugation or rib appearance on the surfaces, i.e. opposite to rib fabric.
8. Fabric is reversible in appearance and has a soft handle.
9. Fabric has very high extensibility in the length direction, making it suitable for kidswear.
10. Fabric does not curl at the edges because of the alternate face and back loop courses.
11. The knitting sequence or needle gaiting can be changed to produce rib and plain structures on one hand and derivatives like moss purl, basket purl etc on the other.
12. Machines are very rare.

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