GRE Overview for Higher Study in the USA

The USA is called a dream country for higher study especially – Masters and PhD. A plethora of researches are conducted every day in every discipline. So, those who want to devote themselves in research or who want to get a search of a new meaning of life through research should go to the USA not only to develop themselves but also to contribute to introduce a new peaceful sustainable world. Though most of the students in Bangladesh know the opportunity of studying in the USA, every year very handful of students go to the USA.

GRE Overview for Higher Study in the USA

Are Bangladeshi students not talent or capable to study in the USA? No, Bangladeshi students are much more talent and capable to study higher study in the USA. But what is the hindrance for Bangladeshi Students? The main hindrance is the GRE exam that is the prerequisite requirement of admission and funding. Most of the students are very scared of GRE and some students leave their GRE study at the initial stage when they go through memorizing very difficult vocabulary. But actually, GRE is very easy compared to other standard exams such as GMAT. Most of the students are misguided about GRE before starting their preparation, so they can not accomplish GRE exam with flying colours. If you want to unlock the GRE exam, read the article at last end.

    What is GRE and how many parts of GRE examination?

    GRE test means Graduate Record Exam that is a computerized exam in Bangladesh. It is mainly divided into three parts.
    1. Quantitative 
    2. Verbal 
    3. Analytical reasoning

    👉Quantitative part of GRE

    It is divided into two or three parts (two parts is scored, while another part is not scored). Quantitative section is very easy. The mathematics rules applied in GRE exam are up to class ten math syllabus in Bangladesh. Mathematics in GRE is short and tricky. Here, some of important GRE math books have been referred that are very effective in GRE preparation. 

    For Basic or Initial stage of GRE preparation, the below-listed books are well recognized as very effective books.
    1. Manhattan 5 lb. Book
    2. Nova GRE Math Bible

    To get an experience of real GRE math, the below books should be practised thoroughly.

    1. The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, 3rd Edition,
    2. PowerPrep and PowerPrep PLUS ( GRE official Mock tests),
    3. 1014 GRE math book.

    If these books are solved thoroughly, it is enough preparation for GRE math. Previously, it has been mentioned that GRE math is into two or three parts (if you get three parts, one part will not be scored. But you will not know which part will not be scored. So, you have to take every part seriously). Each part consists of 20 questions in 35 minutes. As math is comparatively easy part than verbal part, focus on to get a high score in the section. GRE Math score starts at 130 and ends at 170. So, try to get above 165 in the math section. It is possible if you solve all math questions of the above-listed books with deep understanding.

    👉Verbal part of GRE

    It is a very difficult part of GRE and most of the students are misguided in GRE preparation when they can correct very few questions. Especially, in terms of vocabulary memorized, most of the students speculate or are wrongly instructed by someone who did not do well in GRE or who left GRE in the middle of preparation that memorizing hard vocabulary is the most important of GRE and some estimate to memorize 3000 or 4000 words. This speculation or instruction is entirely incorrect. Yes, it is true that you have to memorize vocabulary but it is not 3000 or 4000. You read only 1500 vocabulary, it is enough for GRE. 

    In the below, a list of books for verb preparation will be enlisted. The important part of the new GRE is reading ability. The understanding of the meaning of the verbal portion is inevitable if you want to be an aspirant of GRE high scorer. For this, you have to read a wide range of articles – New York Times newspaper, The Economist, Scientific Journals and so forth – meaning that you have to read foreign newspapers, well renowned scientific journal, and magazine to comprehend the meaning of GRE verbal section. 

    GRE verbal section is of two or three parts (if you get three parts, one part will not be scored. But you will not know which part will not be scored. So, you have to take every part seriously). Each part consists of the following question types.

    👉1. Long reading passage – you will get a maximum of two long reading comprehension. Each long reading comprehension carries 3-4 questions. 

    👉2. Short reading passage – you will get 6-7 short reading passage. Each short reading passage carries 1 – 2 questions. 

    👉3. Text completion – the question type is vocabulary based. You will get 4-5 text completion questions in each part. Text Completion questions have a short passage with several blanks in it. There will be a list of words you can put in each blank, and you’ll have to choose the most appropriate word. 

    👉4. Sentence Equivalence – the question type is vocabulary based. You will get 4-5 sentence equivalence. For these questions, you’ll be given a single sentence with one blank, as well as six answer options. You’ll have to select the two options that both fit in the sentence and produce sentences that have the same or similar meaning. 

    The following books are very good sources for GRE verbal preparation.

    1. Manhattan 5 lb. Book
    2. The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, 3rd Edition
    3. PowerPrep and PowerPrep PLUS ( GRE official Mock tests )
    4. Magoosh GRE Book
    5. GRE big book ( only for short or long passage )
    6. Barron’s New GRE

    For vocabulary, the following resources are enough.

    • 1500 words from major tests. (Download 1-15 pdf pages from; each page carries very effective 100 words. In my opinion, these 1500 words are enough for GRE preparation).
    • Word smart 1 & 2 ( for broad preparation)

    👉Analytical Writing Ability (AWA) 

    The GRE essay section, also known as the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), actually comprises two parts: the Issue essay and the Argument essay. You are allotted 30 minutes for each essay. Both test your ability to write a cogent thesis statement that you must defend over the course of several paragraphs. Two essays are scored in 0-6. The score is not added to main score (verbal + quantitative), but it independently shows in result shit. Most of universities’ admission requirement is 3 or 3.5 in AWA section, however some high ranked universities have set 4 in AWA section in their admission requirement. So, it is safe side if you get 4 in AWA.

    It is not much easy to get 4 in AWA; it is a little bit difficult to get the score. But if you practice, you definitely get the score, or even you have a chance to get 6 out of 6. I did not get any specific book for AWA, but you can get high standard AWA sample answers by searching Google. You can also get the sample answers from the below books, but there have only two or three essays discussed. So, search Google, download as much high standard AWA samples as you can, and read thoroughly to comprehend properly how you will take an approach in AWA.

    The below books are very limited resources to take preparation for AWA. 
    • Manhattan 5 lb. Book 
    • The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, 3rd Edition 
    • Magoosh GRE Book
    This is all for GRE preparation. Best of luck for your endeavour to be successful in the GRE exam.

    Engr. Md. Rashedul Hasan 
    B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (33rd Batch-BUTEX)

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