How to write email to Professor for MSc/PhD Admission

Every year, a good number of students are trying to get admitted into various universities abroad for MSc/PhD. Most of the cases (almost all the cases), students are trying to get admission with funding. Students must write to their potential supervisors mentioning details about themselves in order to secure the admission and/or funding. Students should convince the potential supervisors through his/her academic excellence, research profile, language score and some other extra curricular activities. That is why, writing to professor is very important. This letter should be eye-catching so that supervisor can be interested to check your details. There are many format or templates students are using frequently while writing to their supervisors. Here in this blog, we are going to share a very simple but eye-catching letter template provided by Md. Abdullah Al Faruque who is currently pursuing his PhD at Deakin University, Australia.

How to write email to your potential supervisors for MSc/PhD admission: 👇👇👇   

How to write email to potential supervisor for MSc/PhD Admission

Dear Professor or Dr X,

I hope that this email will find you in good health.
This letter is a humble request for research supervision. I would like to apply for the PhD/MSc admission at the Institute/ Dept. Name in University Name. For this purpose, I need a supervisor and after thoroughly viewing the research database, I have found that you have immense experience and expertise in the area I like to pursue my PhD/MSc study.

Hence, can I please request you to accept me as one of your prospective research student? I am attaching my resume and research proposal for your kind review and I would like to answer if you have further queries. I have a TOEFL/PTE/IELTS score (mention the score here).

If you kindly agree to accept me as a PhD student, I will mention your name as my potential supervisor in my application that I will submit to the admission office through online. Eagerly waiting for your valuable

Thanks and kind regards,

  1. CV (Mention Academic results, professional career details and publication list, if possible)
  2. Research Proposal
  3. English Test Score

Writing courtesy:
Md. Abdullah Al Faruque
Assistant Professor,
Department of Fabric Engineering, BUTEX
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

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