Medical-functional clothing

Functional clothing is defined as that specifically designed and engineered to ensure predefined performance requirements and/or functionality for the user. Functional clothing can be broadly classified into following 4 groups- 
a. Protective clothing (Protech),
b. Sports-functional clothing (Sporttech),
c. Medical-functional clothing (Medtech),
d. Clothing for special needs.

Medical-functional clothing

The functional clothing that is used for healthcare is termed as medical-functional clothing. The typical characteristics of medical functional clothing includes absorbency (wound-dressing), air permeability (surgeons’ gowns, staff uniforms) and durability (pressure clothing). These types of functional clothing may be categorised into four separate and specialised areas of application, as follows:
a. Healthcare/hygiene clothing,
b. Surgical clothing,
c. Therapeutic clothing,
d. Intelligent functional clothing.

Classification of medical-functional clothing?

Areas of application
Kind of clothing
Healthcare uniform
Clothing for nursing staff,
nurse’s uniform
Clothing for patients, scrubs,
patient wear
Medical coats, tabards
Medical protective clothing (in
isolation wards and intensive care units)
Protective gown for dentist
Protective gown for veterinary
Surgical clothing
Surgeon’s gowns, caps
Surgical cover cloths
Surgical hosiery
Surgical hosiery with graduated
compression characteristics
Therapeutic clothing
Pressure clothing
Tubular elasticised net garment
Far infrared therapeutic
1 nfrared shapewear
Anti-microbial underwear
Anti-irritant’s underwear
Intelligent functional clothing
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
EKG Vests for heart patients
Intelligent biomedical clothing
Intelligent clothing’s
physiological monitoring
Intelligent clothing in
prehospital emergency care
Intelligent functional clothing
for personal health records and medical information management

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