What is the Research Project Proposal?

Research Proposal is a document prepared by the researcher/scientist/academics mentioning the new ideas on a certain area/topic to be investigated for finding the feasibility and often requesting for a sponsor. A research proposal proposes a research Project to the approvers/donners requesting for funding.

Why need a Proposal Written?
1. This allows peer review, which brings credibility to the proposal;
2. Approvers/donners needs to review before approval;
3. A common understanding among implementers;
4. Quality data collection by the enumerators;
5. Saves resources: person, time and money;
6. Facilitates subsequent writing of the research report;
7. etc. 

What are the common reasons for rejection???
1. Failure to follow the instruction for applications;
2. Poor writing or otherwise sloppy presentation;
3. Lack of originality;
4. Low significance;
5. Others:
– Unrealistically large amount of work;
– Unrealistic budgeting;
– Failure to anticipate difficulties/challenges and biases;

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