Quality of a merchandiser | Apparel Merchandising

As all the processes from receiving an order depending on a
merchandiser, s/he must be sharp, dynamic and proactive. Otherwise, they have
to suffer from lots of problems like short shipment, late shipment, poor
quality etc. And even cannot secure the order for poor calculation or negotiation
skills. Actually, a merchandiser is like a person who is capable of doing
everything. One of the most remarkable skills a merchandiser should have is the
leadership skill. S/he has to play the role from the front. Though they are not
directly involved in any manufacturing department, they are clearly an
important part of all departments.

Quality of a merchandiser-Texpedia

  1. Good convincing and negotiating capabilities. 
  2. Good command over the foreign languages especially in English. If anyone knows some other languages like French, German, Spanish then it is bonus for sure. 
  3. Adequate knowledge of technical terms for accurate and efficient communication.
  4. Good knowledge on from fibre to fashion.
  5. Should have proper knowledge of quality parameters and quality control systems. 
  6. Clear knowledge on the present market like materials prices, fashion trends etc.
  7. Should have idea about international market issues like quota system used in each of the producing countries, duty rate, customs regulation, shipping and banking documentation, etc.

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