Merchandising | The Role of Apparel Merchandiser

Apparel Merchandising The process of executing an
apparel order from receiving to shipment through proper following-up all the
in-between processes. Merchandiser in the apparel industry is the person who is
involved in managing the buyers and their orders by taking care of the garment
business in his/her concern. Merchandisers should take care of every single
stage from receiving of order to shipment. S/he has to deal with quality,
quantity and most importantly time. Merchandisers must have sharp eyes on each
and every supply chain involved.

According to the theory on merchandising,
Myer defines merchandising as “Careful planning, capable styling and production
or selecting and buying,
and effective

In general, the merchandisers or the
merchandising activity in the apparel industry can be classified into three
broad categories as shown below-

Garment Merchandiser

Primary Roles of the Apparel Merchandiser

  1. Product development
    and order negotiation,
  2. Sample making
    and submission for approval,
  3. Negotiation
    with supplier for further approval and order booking,
  4. Performing consumption
    and costing,
  5. Preparation of
    T&A chart and make a proper update,
  6. Conduct pre-production meeting and responsibility
    allocation. Continuous follow-ups.

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