Time & Action Calendar | Importance | Influencing Factors

Normally merchandisers prepare a plan of the order in a spreadsheet by listing down the key processes in first column and planned date of action for each process in the next column. This planning sheet is popularly known as time and action calendar (T&A). Once T&A calendar is made, then it can be easy for merchandiser list down their daily ‘to do list’ and following them one by one. 

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Importance of T&A 
👉It helps to streamline the pre-production activities. 
👉Easy understanding of order processing. 
👉Clear understanding of timelines given by buyer. 
👉It gives the clear idea about the minor or sub activities that need to perform during order processing at different level. 
👉T&A gives the idea about the status of running order and talks about delay or deviation, if any 
👉T&A gives the dates at which raw material need to be sourced, in a way it helps to optimise the inventory. 
👉T&A also reduces the risk of delivery delay. 

Factors to be considered while preparing T&A 
✌Production capacity of plant 
Style type of merchandise 
Festivals of manufacturing country 
Shipment details 
Festivals of country from where raw material is imported 
Logistics facilities 
Lead time estimated by buyer 
Style complications 
Fabric and trims manufacturing complications 
Buffer required from each department 
Political stability of the country 
Flexibility of freight forwarder 
Response time from buyer at different stages 
Lead times of various activities like L/C payment, custom clearance, etc 
Cut off dates for shipments.

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