What are the machinery used in Blow Room?

Blow Room 
Cotton fibre is compressed in a bale of 200 to 250 kg. This highly compressed cotton fibre need to be opened at first as a part of yarn manufacturing. And there is 1.5% to 7% trash in a cotton bale which is also needed to be removed before further processing. This process of opening & cleaning is known as blow room process. Blow room consists of a number of m/c used in succession to open & clean the cotton fibre to the required degree. 40% to 70% of the total trash is removed in this section. 

Different machinery used in Blow room: 
1. Opening machine:
a) Conventional Bale Opener Machine
b) Uniflock of Rieter
c) Blendomat of Trutzschler

2. Mixing and Blending Machines
a) Unimix of Rieter
b) Integrated Mixer of Trutzschler
3. Cleaning machines
πŸ‘‰Coarse cleaning machine-
a) Conventional Step Cleaner
b) Monocylinder cleaner of Rieter

πŸ‘‰Fine cleaning machine-
c) RN Cleaner of Trutzschler
d) ERM Cleaner of Rieter
πŸ‘‰Remove foreign materials-
e) Vision Shield ( Jossi)
f) Securoprof SP- FP of Trutzschler
g) Loptex Optosonic

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