What are the Action in Blow room?

The actions of the machines in any blow room range fall into one or more of four main groups namely:👇👇👇

Action of Blow room | Spinning

1. The action of opposite spike: (opening): The action of opposite spikes is opening the cotton fibre. By this action, the large pieces of cotton have been reduced in size.

2. The action of Air current: (Transport + Cleaning): During processing, the movement of cotton from machine to machine is done by the air current. It also helps the separation of lint and trash.

3. The action of Beaters: (Cleaning & Opening): Beaters are responsible for removing almost all of the impurity extracted in the blow room. Beater also helps in opening of cotton fibre.

4. The action of regulating motion: (Uniform output): The action of regulating motion gives the uniform output of cotton fibre by the help of swing door, swing paddle, Electrical photocell or Air pressure system.

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